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Manufacturers of industrial or commercial nonwoven substrates that would like to substitute a natural fiber for synthetic polymers at a comparable price point point can greatly benefit from our un-sterilized version of True Cotton.

Industrial Grade True Cotton relates to applications that require less stringent quality parameters for their greige cotton raw materials, although our industrial grade fibers can be purified to cleanliness levels offered to our hygiene/personal care customers. The only difference in these fibers is that they are not sterilized and can contain as much foreign matter as our customer prefers. 

This process yields a fiber that can readily replace synthetic polymers used for commercial or industrial substrates. This material has high functionality for such applications as bedding and oil absorption but also offers highly marketable esoteric properties for those wanting a natural look to their product.  The sustainability profile of this material, as with other True Cotton greige cotton fibers is unparalleled in comparison with other available fibers.