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T.J. Beall has been in the business of purchasing motes from cotton gins across the U.S. since lint cleaners were first installed to clean mechanically picked cotton in the 1950’s. T.J. Beall is proud of our many long-term relationships with gin customers and our history of providing a reliable revenue stream for our mote suppliers in the good years, as well as the bad. 
Over the years T.J. Beall has led the industry in developing innovative processes and markets to expand the use and demand for motes. Our efforts have contributed to turning this by-product, that once had very little value, into a significant revenue source for cotton gins and their producers. 
We purchase gin motes throughout the U.S. in all the cotton growing regions. We also work with gins to enhance the value of their motes as well as provide industry leading service to our gin customers during the ginning process.
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The above map indicates the cotton growing states in which we purchase raw motes. The territory for each purchasing agent is indicated below by their contact information. Our group of sales professionals work to make sure they are available to answer any questions concerning the sale of your products.