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TrueCotton Mentioned in Nonwovens Industry Article

Meanwhile, cotton supplier TJ Beall has continued to offer unique fiber products to the nonwovens industry, most recently launching its newest model of TrueCotton unbleached cotton fibers at IDEA 2016. “We have developed processes to overcome the ‘natural’ color of unbleached cotton fibers,” says Lawson Gary, COO of TJ Beall. The new line of natural fibers are white, and they do not conflict with whiteness specifications required by downstream users in personal care.

“We can now offer our TrueCotton fibers in brilliant white color while maintaining our position as the most competitively-priced natural staple fiber available for the nonwovens industry,” Gary says. “Our fibers will now meet any whiteness spec without the need for chemical scouring and bleaching, and this will allow us to continue to offer excellent marketing opportunities through our fiber’s unprecedented sustainability profile.”

Gary adds that its original model of TrueCotton, which has a natural, off-white color, has caused issues for some brand owners requiring white nonwoven material, when blended with white thermoplastics. The new fibers can be blended with thermoplastics or used in 100% TrueCotton substrates with no issues of “yellowing” in the final roll.
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