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Excellent short article now available in Farm Flavor on True Cotton

A new narrative appertaining to True Cotton with contributions from Lawson Gary, Chief Operating Officer of the T J Beall Company and Dr Kater Hake, Vice President of Agricultural and Environmental Research for Cotton Incorporated is now available in Farm Flavor in terms of the simplicity in its processing and from this providing cotton at a price level that is competitive with the thermoplastic polymers that most of all disposable consumer products are made of. This disposables products market - diapers, adult incontinence products and feminine hygiene products is growing and offers real opportunities for T J Beall's greige True Cotton.

It is noted in this article that the environment also reaps large rewards from this new True Cotton approach as well since no water or chemicals are utilized coupled consequently with zero effluents. The only energy required is electricity which is saved as no drying stages exist.

The international impact resulted in this True Cotton method earning the T J Beall Company the prestigious INDEX 14 Award for sustainable process or management practice at the EDANA (European Disposables and Nonwovens Association) global trade exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland in 2014. This INDEX 14 Award is well known as the industry's highest accolade for excellence and innovation.

Dr Hake notes in this article that "Cotton is a crop that’s desired by consumers, and cotton growers are fortunate to have that relationship with the consumer.  The whole concept of environmental stewardship, sustainability and traceability is important to consumers, and the cotton industry has responded accordingly, as evidenced by the sustainable practices of Lawson Gary and TJ Beall.”


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